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PCMN, is a proud ISO-certified paints and coatings manufacturer equipped to meet global standards of quality and service excellence – guaranteeing the quality of our products In Nigeria.

The best Nigerian products and services

Company History

Originally known as Paints & Coatings Distributors Nigeria, the Port Harcourt-based company began operations in 2001 to cater to the needs of oil and gas companies as the sole distributor of AkzoNobel’s leading oil and gas coating brand, International Paint Protective and Marine Coatings.

As a result of the demand for world-class paints and coatings from discerning Nigerian businesses and individuals, the Company pursued its vision of becoming a fully fledged manufacturer, able to provide world-class services to Nigerian consumers and businesses.

Paints and Coating Manufacturers Nigeria Limited (PCMN) was established in 2008, and has since expanded its product offerings to include a variety of Nigerian brands and products.

world class standards

ISO Certifications

PCMN has been a proudly ISO certified Company since 2004 and has maintained this certification since and has shown its further commitment to its stakeholders.

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Our Products and Services

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for onshore & offshore

Oil & Gas

PCMN proudly manufactures the International Paints Range of Protective Coatings for onshore & offshore assets in the Nigeria Oil & Gas Industry.

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Full range of coatings


PCMN is approved by IMO/PSPC to manufacture paints for Ballast Tank Coatings – the first paint manufacturer to achieve this feat.

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Proma Paints

PCMN proudly manufactures the complete range of PROMA Decorative and Architectural Paint Brands in Nigeria.

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Plascon Paints

PCMN proudly manufactures Plascon Decorative and Architectural Paint Brands in Nigeria.

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Support services and products

coatings’ application industry

Holistic Service Provider

PCMN represents some of the world’s leading suppliers of associated products and services to the coatings’ application industry.


Holistic Asset Integrity Survey

PCMNlnterplan is a bespoke Asset Integrity Survey System designed by International Paints, which provides a comprehensive condition report for Onshore & Offshore facilities to determine levels of severity of coating failure and corrosion in accordance to ISO standards.

The report further provides a multi-year prioritised maintenance planning system including cost budgeting to assist maintenance engineers in long term maintenance planning.

This system provides for enhanced life cycle of clients corrosion protection of assets against a mode of deterioration model using micro and macro environmental condition definitions.

Comprehensive structured training scheme


PCMN is proud to provide extensive certified training in Nigeria. Types of training provided:

  • Paint Applicator Training Program
  • Contractors/Freelance Training
  • General Courses
  • Internal Staff
  • Stand Alone/Refresher Courses
  • Blast Cleaning Operatives
  • Quality control
  • Supervisors
  • Inspectors



Mozzi is a subsidiary of Paint and Coating Manufacturer Nigeria Plc PCMN.
Mozzi™ is revolutionary, multi-functional, locally manufactured mosquito Repellent range that is:

  • Non-invasive
  • Non-toxic
  • Innovative (Nanotechnology-based)
  • Environment and human friendly

Mozzi™ not only protects against mosquitoes but also:

  • Bacteria spores
  • Mould
  • Dust mites and bed bugs

Products range as a solution …because prevention is better than cure.

Mozzi range delivers prevention (round-the-clock protection) solutions to more than just direct mosquito bites.