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As a PCMN appointed Proma Plascon Paint distributor, you’ll be responsible for distributing our products.

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As a PCMN appointed Proma Plascon Paint Distributor, PCMN will equip you with the Training, Development, Mentoring and support to represent and retail the Proma Plascon Brands in your chosen and approved location.

To find out more about the exciting opportunity of becoming a PCMN appointed Proma Plascon Paint Distributor, please complete the form provided below.


In the selection process for Distributors, the Company will take into account various factors including competency, capacity, commitment, financial capability, costs, consistency, alignment with our company culture, and communication skills.

Prospective Distributors must carefully read, fully complete, and sign the application. The Company retains the right to reject any incomplete applications or those lacking sufficient information.


  1. Complete the application registration form in full.
  2. Submit all required documentation along with the form.
  3. Include hard copies of documents listed in sections 1.6 – 1.11, as well as a business registration certificate.
  4. Failure to provide the necessary supporting information will result in the application not being considered.
  5. The attached required information serves as a guide for a smooth and prompt registration process.
  6. Providing banking details and authorization for Electronic Funds Transfer is essential for compliance.
  7. Fill out the Operational Information and Trade Information sections thoroughly to demonstrate experience in selling similar products. Note: Lack of experience won’t necessarily disqualify your application.
  8. Complete the Financial Information section to provide insight into your business’s financial status. Submit the latest financial statements upon request. Start-up businesses without financial history are also eligible to apply.
  9. Initial each undertaking in the Legal Undertaking Section as required.
  10. The Company reserves the right to verify all information provided. Misrepresentation may lead to disqualification and future business restrictions.
  11. Submit the completed form and all supporting documents to the address specified on the front page.

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