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PCMN proudly manufactures the International Paint’s Range of Protective Coatings for onshore & offshore assets in the Nigeria Oil & Gas Industry.
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Protective Coatings

PCMN proudly manufactures the International Paint’s Range of Protective Coatings in Nigeria, the Brand of choice for all facets of Nigerian Industry.

  • Oil & Gas Upstream
  • Oil & Gas Downstream
  • Refineries
  • Oil & Gas Storage Tank Farms
  • Pipelines
  • Power Projects
  • Jetties
  • Fuel Stations
  • Sports Stadia
  • Industrial Buildings
Sole licensed manufacturer and exclusive Distributor of the International Paint Brand in Nigeria, guaranteeing world class quality and providing the footprint for the protective coatings needs of Akzo Nobel’s global client base, while ensuring the specific needs of Nigerian industry are met in a seamless and world class manner.

With a comprehensive product range offering, proudly made in Nigeria, coupled with extensive technical training and Inspection services for its clientele, PCMN offers an unparalleled level of quality, service, support and commitment to its clients in Nigeria.

Comprehensive structured training scheme


PCMN is proud to provide extensive certified training in Nigeria. Training for the Oil & Gas Industry is the AMPP Globally approved training and Certification Scheme for the Protective & Marine Coatings industry. Courses provided in Nigeria include:

  • Painters
  • Spray Painters
  • Blast Cleaning Operatives
  • Quality control
  • Supervisors
  • Inspectors


With thousands of operatives trained in Nigeria, the quality of coatings applied within the industry has improved exponentially over the years, and provides industry recognition to those persons trained, as well as assuring that companies employing AMPP trained operatives, have suitably trained and competent operatives carrying out their Corrosion Protection works.

coatings' application industry

Holistic Service Provider

PCMN represents some of the world’s leading suppliers of associated products and services to the coatings’ application industry.


Holistic Asset Integrity Survey

PCMN is the sole authorised partner to International Paints to undertake lnterplan assessments. Interplan is a bespoke Asset Integrity Survey System which provides a comprehensive condition report for Onshore & Offshore facilities to determine levels of severity of coating failure and corrosion in accordance to ISO standards. The report further provides a multi-year prioritized maintenance planning system including budget cost to assist maintenance engineers in long term maintenance planning.

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PCMN has proudly supplied the International Paint’s product range to Nigeria’s Oil & gas Industry for over 20 years, and manufactured many millions of litres of Protective coatings, providing protection to Nigeria’s critical infrastructure assets in Nigeria, and have been proud suppliers of Proudly made in Nigeria Coatings to a myriad of Projects in Nigeria.

ENI Projects

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  • Brass Tank Farm  – Maintenance
  • Obite Flow Station – Maintenance
  • FPSO Mystras- Maintenance

Chevron Projects

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  • DSO Project – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Agbami FPSO- Newbuild & Maintenance
  • EGTL Project – Newbuild and Maintenance
  • Escravos Tank Farm – Maintenance
  • Meren Field – Maintenance
  • Okan PAU – Fixed Platforms, Chevron, UK, 2003
  • DSO – Fixed Platforms, Chevron, Korea, 2013

ExxonMobil Projects

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  • Usan FPSO – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Erha FPSO – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • QIT Tank Farm – Maintenance
  • Mobil Integrity Project – Maintenance
  • RPP – Maintenance
  • Falcon – FPSO – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Yoho Floating Platforms Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Idoho Fixed Platforms, Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Yoho Jacket & Topside – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • East Area Project 1B – Fixed Platforms Newbuild & Maintenance

Shell Projects

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  • SPDC Buoy – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Soku and Afam Maintenance
  • SSAGS – Newbuild
  • Bonny Tank Farms – Maintenance
  • Tunu – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Sea Eagle FPSO – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Cawthorne Chanel – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Bonga FPSO – Newbuild & Maintenance

Total Energies Projects

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  • AKPO FPSO – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • ERHA FPSO – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Ofon Phase 2 – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • OML 58 Upgrade – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Egina FPSO – Newbuild
  • Ikike Project – Newbuild

Nigeria LNG Limited Projects

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  • LNG Bonny Island – Trains 1 to 5  Newbuild
  • LNG Carrier River Niger – Newbuild
  • LNG Carrier Sokoto – Newbuild
  • LNG Carrier Bayelsa – Newbuild
  • NLNG Carrier Adamawa – Newbuild
  • LNG Carrier Cross River – Newbuild
  • LNG Carrier Port Harcourt – Newbuild
  • LNG Carrier Delta – Newbuild
  • LNG Carrier Bornu – Newbuild
  • BGT Plus Project – Newbuild
  • NLNG Fabric Maintenance

Additional Projects

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  • Indorama Fertilizer Plant – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Dangote Refinery and Petrochemical Plant – Newbuild
  • Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Modular Refinery – Newbuild 
  • Port Harcourt Refinery Rehabilitation – Maintenance
  • Knock Adoon – FPSO, Fred Olson – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Sendje Berge – FPSO, Addax – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Armada Perkasa – FPSO – Newbuild & Maintenance
  • Virini Prem – Floating Platforms- Newbuild & Maintenance

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