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Services overview

We at PCMN have a range of services we offer to our clients.

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Skills Training

Train the Trainer

In her drive to ensure that Nigerian coating applicators have skills that meet global standard, PCMN in partnership with International Paint is a corporate member of Society for Protective Coatings formerly Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) and has been empowered to deliver a world class corrosion related training in Nigeria under the corporate membership of AkzoNobel. PCMN is also a Member of Oil and Gas Training Association of Nigeria.

  • Training Provided
    Surface Preparation
    Coatings Application
    Health & Safety
    Inspection & Quality Assurance
  • Training Delivery
    Job specific
    On site at customer premises
    At applicators base of operations
    All training provided is practical/hands on
  • Assessment & Certification
    Assessment and certification of applicators at commencement of project
    Undertaken by qualified instructors
    Certificates recognised globally

Further information on our Training Services are available on HERE

Asset Management-Interplan

Asset Surveys is one of the holistic services offered by PCMN to her clients. PCMN in Partnership with International paints provides clients with a comprehensive report on current condition of Assets, highlights the critical, medium and low levels of Corrosion, provides surface area assessments and priorities works to be undertaken, as well as recommended paint Specifications

Further information on our Reliability Assessment Services is available HERE

Project Management

PCMN also offers Project Management services to clients who wish to outsource the overall management of their Corrosion Protection Projects.

Technical Support

PCMN, in association with International Paint provides technical expertise and support during painting works as may be required by our clients. Our NACE certified Technical Sales Representatives execute daily coating inspections based on the coating specification and record the final conditions on the report. We proactively identify all potential coating problems and recommend appropriate solutions for customers.

Trusted Clients

Our clients that trust our products,

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