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To all suppliers and service providers seeking registration as a preferred supplier or service provider on the data base of the following companies: Paints and coatings manufacturers nigeria (limited) and kansai plascon nigeria limited (collectively “company”).

Supplier Registration


This questionnaire helps assess service providers and suppliers for the Company. Cost is not the only factor considered; commitment to quality and financial health also matter. The database allows all providers an equal opportunity to submit quotes, promoting transparency and fairness. Registration on the database is preferred but not mandatory. Incomplete applications may be rejected.



  1. Complete the application registration form in full.
  2. Submit all required supporting documentation with the form.
  3. Failure to provide requested information will result in non-approval.
  4. Attach the necessary information indicated to avoid delays in registration.
  5. Provide banking details and authorization for Electronic Transfer of Funds for timely payments.
  6. Compulsorily fill out the Products and Services section, specifying what your business can supply.
  7. While compliance with Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) regulations is preferred, non-complying suppliers will still be registered but not accredited for NCDMB purposes.
  8. Fill out the Trade Experience section to demonstrate relevant experience, but lack of it won’t necessarily lead to non-accreditation.
  9. Complete the Financial Information section to show your business’s financial standing, including providing latest financial statements if possible.
  10. Initial each undertaking in the Legal Undertaking section.
  11. The Company may validate all information, and misrepresentation may lead to disqualification and future restrictions on doing business with them.
  12. Submit the completed form and documents to the specified address on the front page, or upload your documentation though the form below.

Registration Form Submission

Simply complete and upload your registration and supporting documentation.

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